Welcome to the official website of House of Olives! The products offered are specialty products, 100% natural, preservative-free, and grown in Lebanon. House of Olives is passionate about offering the best "homemade" condiments, spices and kernels our country can offer, as we focus on perfection, precision, and consistency.

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20+ Different Locations

We strictly stick to having stands in supermarkets instead of opening our own retail shops as we want our customers to be as comfortable as possible in an environment they are very much familiar with.

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Olives & Oils

From the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon

To ensure the good quality and taste, we handpick our olives at the right time.

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We pickle & preserve from A to Z

A delicious set of "mouneh", a practice that goes back to the early 1920s.

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Dried Fruits & Nuts

Grown by certified organic growers

100% naturally grown, we handpick each ingredient and refine it ourselves.

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Our very own assortment of spices

For any type of cuisine ranging from Gulf to French.

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