Olives & Oils

Olives are a staple in Lebanese Cuisine. Our olives elevate our traditional Hot and Cold Mezza. Both our Black (late harvest) and Green (at Early Harvest) olives are 100% natural and grown in Lebanon.

  • Black Olives

    Plump and ripe, with a smooth taste. Our olives come in oil, water, and salt or less salt.

  • Black Olives Cocktail

    Our blend of Black Olives, Pickled peppers, Sundried Tomatoes, and oil are great appetizer components.

  • Green Olives With Chili

    • $

    Marinated in our own recipe chili dressing, these olives are flavorful with a kick.

  • Green Olives With Thyme

    These olives make a perfect savory snack on their own, or a delicious addition to a Manoushe.

  • Green Olives With Sweet Pepper


    Our green olives stuffed with sweet peppers offer a salty and sweet taste.

  • Olive Paste


    Olive Paste makes a delicious appetizer that is made from the highest quality olives possible.

  • Green Olives With Almonds

    • NEW $

    Our green olives stuffed with almonds add a unique taste to a traditional Lebanese staple.

  • Green Olives

    Our Green Olives are offered in also oil, water and salt, and less salt.

  • Olive Oils

    We pride ourselves with our extra virgin olive oil that comes in four flavors chili, rosemary, basil and garlic. To ensure the good quality and taste, we handpick our olives at the right time to be cold-pressed within 24 hours for a fresh and smooth taste.

  • House Of Olives

    Our House Of Olives oil comes in different sizes : 250ML , 500ML  and 1L . 

  • Aroma Garden

    Our Aroma Garden oil comes in different sizes : 250ML , 500ML , 750ML and 1.5L . 

  • Basil Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ML

    Made with fresh basil gathered in extra virgin olive oil used with a caprese salad, pasta and pizza.

  • Chili Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ML

    The same olive oil but with a kick. 

  • Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ML

    Putting in the right touch of garlic for pasta, and pizza.

  • Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ML

    The perfect rounded taste with that rosemary scent for salads or with your favorite roast.